Anatomy of a Senior Level Resume/CV

Whether you are moving upward or considering a career change, it begins with a dynamic resume or CV. Resume makeovers are a great start, but sometimes the best option is to rewrite from ground level.

Resume Guidance from the Top Down

Contact Information: Place at the top of the document, use a bold or slightly larger font for your name and credentials, your address (city, state, and zip) phone, email, social profile address and a portfolio link if relevant.

For example:

Email/Phone/LinkedIn/City, State, and Zip

(Note: Recent studies show that 70% of employers review social media profiles. Keep it professional, and up-to-date. Adjust security settings to hide your personal accounts.)

Summary: This is your captivating “story/brand” that summarizes exactly why you are the perfect fit for their position. Include core competencies, and leadership attributes, giving specific, quantified examples of selected accomplishments that tie directly to the target position and tailor-make you their top candidate.

Professional Experience: While the summary covered the 4-6 most critical examples of your professional experience, this section is the bulk of your resume, including your last fifteen years of work experience and accomplishments in more detail. This section is the perfect opportunity to show – not tell – an extended list of positions, roles, and accomplishments exhibiting leadership, as well as how you’ve made or saved money, and streamlined processes, and the strategies you’ve implemented to improve the workplace culture. Add charts, tables, and other graphics that depict quantitative data.

Education: List your education, training, certificates or awards at the end of your resume.

Remember: A company’s primary interest is how your leadership, core competencies, and experience can add value to their company. You need to structure your resume or cv to show a direct connection between your skills, and the company’s needs.
Keep it simple and uncluttered, but chock full of quantitative information. Use keywords wherever possible help your resume pass through any electronic scans without elimination.

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