How Resume Sparrow Helps You Nail That Job Application

Resume Sparrow can help you perfect your resume so you can land that job.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is David Fishman, and I’m the CEO of Sparrow Company. Sparrow is an executive search and staffing company that I’ve run for 10 years, but I’ve been in the recruiting industry for over 25 years.

In my career, I’ve seen countless resumes every day. It’s really amazing to see how many people don’t spend a lot of time crafting a good resume, and that’s where we come in.

No matter who you are, if you’re applying for a job, you need a good resume.

Is it important to your prospects that you have a good-looking, complete resume? Absolutely! Employers only typically take six to 10 seconds when they see a resume to make a decision about whether it goes in the ‘yes’ pile or the ‘no’ pile. I created Resume Sparrow after years and years of reflecting on this. Resumes are a recruiter’s tools to help get people hired. 

At the Sparrow Company, we have two types of recruiters: corporate and executive search recruiters.

Over the coming months, I’ll be sending you videos and information about Resume Sparrow, the Sparrow Company, and how we can assist you on your next career hunt. If you have any questions, visit,, or email me directly at I look forward to helping you perfect your next resume!

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