The Executive LinkedIn Profile: A New Perspective to Optimize Results

Whether you are a veteran business executive or have recently earned a seat at the top of the corporate food chain, “exemplary business leader” is your primary role. However, increased exposure to a wider range of business possibilities and opportunities requires an added role of “exemplary social leader.” This role demonstrates mastery in your ability to leverage social media to attain the optimum level of industry-related benefits.

Your LinkedIn Profile and Executive Brand: The Connection

LinkedIn’s social media platform is widely used and favored by professionals who utilize networking to establish greater awareness, and to reach a broader, more extensive audience to promote products or services. To achieve optimal results, while meeting personal and business objectives, your profile should serve as your executive brand—a brand to facilitate connections, open the door to a wealth of information, and put you in an ideal bargaining position for future opportunities.

Making Your Profile Work for You

Your LinkedIn profile helps establish your personal executive brand and offers valuable benefits, including improved client engagement and profitable connections with like-minded industry leaders.
It’s a supercharged selection of qualities from your professional dossier that define you, showcasing your uniqueness, leadership qualities, successes, and skills, written in a fashion to make you stand out. Your profile is your reputation; it’s how you are viewed, recognized and remembered by the business community.

To be consistent, your profile should mirror parts of your executive resume and cover letter to illustrate qualities that led to your success.

Profile Tips

1. Keep your profile up-to-date with your latest accomplishments.
2. Be consistent across all channels (Social media, resume, cover letters).
3. Fill in all applicable sections.
4. Resonate with your target audience.
5. Indicate ways you provide value to your company.
6. Connect with your network groups and individuals.
8. Inject executive level keywords into your copy (Innovative, ROI, solution, leader, strategic).

To summarize, never underestimate the power of your LinkedIn profile. It is your corporate brand and an effective marketing tool to trigger interest and opportunity. Don’t just add to or amend your profile; connect, post and share articles, ask questions, and make comments. These suggestions can make a profound difference in your exposure as a high-level executive.

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