Writing a Stellar Executive Cover Letter

Your cover letter is an essential marketing tool. A well-written, executive introduction will open the door to your resume, so take advantage of the opportunity it will provides.

Tell your story. Craft your letter in a concise narrative format. Use the required ingredients required – current standing, as well as past achievements and experience – to show your ability to perform the job, and the immense value you can bring to the company. Below are a few points to consider before you write.

  • Address the recipient: At this level, you need to know the name and credentials of the person with whom you will interview; find the “who” and delete the “to whom it may concern” salutation.
  • Customize: Every cover letter you write should be unique to the company you are contacting and position you are seeking. Highlight the details from your resume that are especially relevant to this position, including additional information that isn’t in the resume.
  • Short and Sweet: Your cover is the first thing a recruiter will see. Turbo-charge your copy with concise, compelling information to assure placement at the top of the contender list. Begin with a riveting personal success story that demonstrates your “perfectness” for the position.
  • Think Out of the Box: Be creative and think out-of-the-box. Include a value proposition in your letter. Do some detective work – research the company to learn about their products, mission, and workplace culture. Find any company vulnerabilities or potential problems, and integrate your skills to offer suggestions for solutions. Share why you’re interested in their position and the value you will bring to the company. Showcase your work values, personal traits, and career goals that align with their company vision.
  • Show, Don’t Tell: Provide brief, but tangible evidence from current and prior positions to demonstrate how your abilities empowered previous employers, presenting specific facts and figures.

In conclusion, it’s essential to view the cover letter as your personal advertisement. The first primary piece of correspondence provides a bird’s-eye view of your capabilities, and the reasons a company would invest in hiring you. Be clear and concise and provide tangible evidence that will substantiate your accomplishments. You have about five seconds to grab attention and make a killer impression!

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